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Battenfeld Gloucester offers advanced design for silage blown film production


Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering has applied recent technological advances to its blown stretch film line for silage film. After considerable research and development and lab trial performance testing, Battenfeld Gloucester has been able to perfect the nip design, processing rates, layer ratios, PIB levels, and winding tensions to produce the highest quality film and the highest possible output rates. Silage films help to maintain the nutritional value of grass, corn, grains and vegetables and inhibit undesirable fermentation.
The key components to the equipment for silage blown film include the PIB injection system, screw design for optimal mixing of PIB, the die, haul-off and winder. Battenfeld Gloucester optimized this equipment to produce quality film with the proper film characteristics required. Battenfeld Gloucester’s technology allows the process to run tacky formulations on the outside of the film and does not suffer from the issues realized when running them on the inside. Battenfeld Gloucester’s screw and die design optimize the polymer homogeneity, for unsurpassed PIB and color dispersion critical to the process.
While many equipment suppliers have had problems with the PIB oozing out of the roll edges, typically caused by over tension and poor mixing of PIB with the LLDPE, Battenfeld Gloucester has optimized the PIB metering systems – particularly how it is introduced into the melt – eradicating or minimizing these issues. Film produced on a Battenfeld Gloucester line generally does not require high temperature storage to get the PIB to bloom.
One customer taking advantage of these new advances is Grupo Armando Alvarez, from Torrelavega, Spain. With a long standing relationship with BGE, Grupo Armando Alvarez has recently added a blown film line for silage film to their existing Battenfeld Gloucester equipment that includes blown film lines for lamination, shrink, heavy duty sacks and cast stretch films.

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