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Steer extruder claims industry record


Steer, the Indian polymer processing machinery manufacturer, is claiming an industry first

According to the firm, a world record output of 900 kg/hour has been achieved with a formulation containing 40% talc in polypropylene during melt compounding on the co-rotating intermeshing Omega H-40 twin screw extruder.
“Work on this technological breakthrough has been underway at Steer’s application development centre in Bangalore for a while and today we have demonstrated a big breakthrough,” said Dr Babu Padmanabhan, founder and managing director of Steer
“Steer has had to its credit several firsts over the years but the 900 kg/hr of 40% talc grabs attention like nothing else in the past. We are certain that this result should surely make the world sit up and take notice.”
“In fact, this achievement by Steer can be considered historic in the industry. An analogy to explain its magnitude would be the first aircraft breaking the sound barrier” he added.

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