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Plastic to textile, Recycling makes it profitable - a Chinese way to create business

Tommy Zhou,
manager, Jiangyin Changlong Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (China)

1. Background of Plastics Recycling, PET plastic in particular. Resource shortage.
Plastic change lives, its invention improves living quality, brings convenience and benefits billions people, at the same time we have to realize the fact plastics is off-product out of petroleum, it is oil-dependent industry, the more plastics consumed more petroleum is needed. But the ever- increasing petroleum oil price leads to plastics shortage sharply and the feature of plastics after a period of consumption will retire, it makes plastic recycling necessary...

2. Environment pressure
Traditional way of economy growth, depend on utilizing resources as energy or raw material to make production, during manufacturing and product consumption, the waste happens, common Waste treatment methods are burning and landfill. it brings heavy burden on environment, like plastics, it takes at least 50 years to disintegrate by itself. If we recycle the waste and reuse, it will make a circulation chain of resource, take PET plastics for instance, to Recycle one ton plastic waste, it will reduce 4 tons lives garbage, save 3 m3 area for landfill. in big way to relive the environment and give an drive to a healthy and recyclable economy growth.

3. Rigid competition makes cost reduction necessary
When the industrialized production reaches up to a certain level, the market is rigidly competed, it boosts the companies to think of technology innovation and the ways to cut cost and keep its competitiveness. To recycle and reuse the plastics , it segments the market and offers more differential choices in diversity. Plastics recycling in large extent relieves environment, generate new industry mode, the recycling economy has become a trend worldwide nowadays.

4. How China do PET plastic recycling
The PET plastic recycling in China boomed since 1990s as its economy went into fast period. As PET plastic non-toxic and safe feature, it is mostly for civil package, like drinking bottles, its consumption is huge, so it exists a big recycling chance inside. Currently our PET recycling and reuse in: textile, package belt, construction and decoration material, and modify PET to use as other plastics, like ABS.

5. Plastic PET to Textile, a Magic transformation
Same as plastic, textile is all about lives, while its raw material is fiber of different types. Here PET recycling related is polyester fiber. The quality features of polyester fiber is similar to cotton, has good spinning ability, now is used to replace cotton, for yarn spinning to make fabrics, gloves and carpet etc. polyester fiber is also application in nonwoven and filling.

6. Outlook for world recycling and importance in Russia
It is popular for recycling now in the world, some countries have been already in this field for decades, some is aware of this importance and make efforts inside, while there are still more countries will be coming up to participate, recycling gives a continuous drive to economy and generate coherence of social and economy development, since 2004 we started into Russian Market and we see the big potential and necessity for recycling here as well.

7. Changlong's Devotion in Recycling and what we do
We changlong have been devoted in PET recycling and fiber production, the fiber plant began 1990 and since year 2000 we worked into PET plastic import and recycling, during our work with foreign customers, it was realized that still many countries are less recycling concept and lack sufficient way to make recycling. By helping customers to improve their recycling level and export us quality PET recycled materials is our first purpose, but afterwards it leads into a wider market and we think it is our responsibility to promote this recycling idea and let more people benefit this recycling chances, by 2004, we bought an existing machinery plant which had been for 10 years and connect with our recycling experience to optimize the machinery, To provide recycling machinery is not our purpose, to impart recycling technology and help go into a recycling profitable industry is our essence, in our philosophy it is a work of both commercial and social benefits.
Changlong now is recycling more than PET, is positively looking into further and deeper process.


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