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Actual trends in improving secondary material resources collection and recycling legislation

Vyacheslav V. Devyatkin,
deputy director Federal State Institution "Science and Research Centre of Resource-saving and Waste Problems Management" (Russia)

Basic factor for low level of using waste as secondary material resource, polymer waste in particular, is significant expense for its collection organization and preparation for a production cycle. Researches carried out by Federal State Institution "Science and Research Centre of Resource-saving and Waste Problems Management" witness that in order to provide more favorable juridical and economic environment for growth of waste amount involved in economic circulation as secondary material resources, the following steps seem reasonable:

- to distinguish as the object of state regulation at a legislative level the economic usage of waste as secondary material resource and to empower one of the federal ministries or institutions to carry out state policy in this sphere;
- to introduce at a legislative level a special system of total responsibility for waste collection and recycling organization including introduction of responsibility norms for final product manufacturers being subjects of economical activity whose product turns to waste category after use;
- to introduce resource-saving requirements for waste management to legislation and organize state control of them while state ecology expertise and activity licensing are carried out;
- to add resource-saving orientation to environmental mechanisms and state regulation instruments (permitting system of waste placement with set limits for waste placement, payments for waste placement, state ecology expertise and activity licensing);
- to create special juridical conditions for applying traditional instruments of business activity state regulation for economic stimulation of secondary material resources collection and use (tax benefits, mechanisms of state and municipal orders).
Most rational form of introduction of the above-mentioned basic juridical statements is considered to be development and introduction of special federal law "About secondary material resources".



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