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Recycling of polymers

Irina Kirsh,
Candidate of technical science, The Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology (Russia)

Recycling of wastes products today is given more and more attention. One of actual problems in this area is recycling of PET products. However it is complex enough to provide quality secondary PET at a level of properties of primary raw material. It is connected with specificity of properties of secondary raw material, ability PET to ageing and behaviour during processing. In the Moscow State university of applied biotechnology on faculty of technology of packing and processing of HMC research have allowed to establish criteria of an estimation secondary PET on which it is possible to judge depth destructive processes and to establish influence of additives on quality of raw material and the products received on the basis of secondary PET.
Other actual problem is secondary processing of multilayered polymeric materials from various polymers. Traditional equipment is not always suitable for reception homogeneous расплава from the crude waste, the filled polymers that is connected, first of all, with thermodynamic incompatibility of the majority polymers. Application of the special equipment will allow to solve a problem of processing of multilayered polymeric materials. Except for it on faculty of technology of packing and processing of HMC spent tests on branch and processing of the combined polymeric materials on the basis of a paper and a foil with the further processing.


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