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Plastics processing with equipment from JSC Atlant

Viktor Nemera, Marketing Director at Baranovichi-based machinery plant JSC Atlant (Belorussia)

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Nowadays JSC Atlant established in 1993 includes three plants (MZH in Minsk, BSZ in Baranovichi, ZBT in Shabani) as well as more than 30 cooperating enterprises.
Up to date we have mastered production of injection molding machines with hydraulic clamping unit featuring 125-450 tons clamping force in 20 options, injection molding machines with knuckle-joint clamping unit featuring 100-5000 tons clamping force as well as milling, cutting and specialized grinders. Currently we are making efforts to master production of machines with up to 1000 tons clamping force.
Machines sales geography covers CIS and European countries. R&D departments and in-house plastic products manufacturing, closed production cycle, state-of-the art equipment (from preparative to assembling), operational quality control, developed network of cooperating enterprises allow to solve the most complex production tasks and produce high-quality modern plastics processing equipment.
Baranovichi-based machinery plant produces and offers various grinders for polymer waste processing.
– Milling grinders. Close-pitch cutter grinding technology combined with low barrel rotational speed allows to produce perfect regrind with low dust content (no net screen; milling but no cutting or abrasion). Milling grinders are less damaging for such fillers as glass fiber compared to cutting ones.
Milling grinders are designated to chap sprues up to 12 mm in diameter, rejected box-shaped plastic products with wall thickness up to 8 mm.
We have developed the grinder for PE pipe (slitted) waste with length up to 500 mm and wall thickness up to 25 mm. If such grinders are equipped with other version of curved knifes they are able to process PVC window profile and sills waste with length up to 300 mm, small ingots with thickness up to 25mm and dimensions of 200x150 mm
– Cutting grinders. JSC Atlant produces two main kinds of cutting grinders.
ДН 250/400 grinders ensure effective grinding  of various consumer  and industrial polymer waste including PET bottles and film as well as rubber products (rubber stripes, plugs). There are two options: with antinoise housing or protective drive cover, also it is possible to equip grinder with automatic unloading device (screw or pneumatic device).
Compact moveable cutting grinder БЗС 0230 was developed for in-house application derectly close to injection molding machine. It can be also used for grinding of industrial and consumer polymer waste with wall thickness up to 4 mm (short pipe or profile  cuttings).
Also we have developed БЗС 0232 grinder for ingots of thermoplastic materials with maximum size 550x550 mm and up to 120 mm thick.
JSC Atlant offers complex approach aiming at competitive advantages of customer's products be means of more rational production cycle, i.e. shorter terms, lower expense without unnecessary costs and time consumption.

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