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Complex organization of polymer waste recycling by the example of Chemgrad Technopolis

Yana Stoyanova, deputy general marketing director at Chemgrad Technopolis (the project of JSC Management company Idea Capital) (Russia)

Report points
Nowadays recycling is an important and essential part of production process. At Chemgrad Technopolis facilities recycling is not only applied as polymer waste processing but also embedded in complex of administrative and technical measures from secondary polymer raw material collection to finished products manufacturing.
Speaking about Technopolis opportunities in greater detail it is necessary to state that Chemgrad is a base for accommodation of small and medium sized enterprises operating within chemistry and plastics processing industry. One of the main Chemgrad's goals is to create opportunities required for successful start and development of companies. The task of plastics processing including recycled ones is also solved.
Technopolis has numerous advantages differentiating it from other facilities based within city borders. These are developed infrastructure technically supplying residents' production and ensuring transport and logistics, preferential rental land tax rates, as well as one stop services. Residents are also being supported by Technopolis to take a part in republic programs for leasing and grants for production development.
Technopolis solve one more important task. It performs as a link connecting small enterprises into single technological chain establishing cooperation and introducing major republic-wide raw materials suppliers such as JSC Nizhnekamskneftehim, JSC Kazanorgsintez, JSC Chimicheskiy zavod im. L.Y. Karpova, JSC Kazansky zavod sinteticheskogo kauchuka. Furthermore, at the Technopolis area collection of industrial and consumer waste was established. Chistiy gorod company operating within waste collecting sorting and disposal field was also involved.
Recycling scheme applied at Technopolis area consists of the following: at facilities and modular building specially erected for small processing enterprises meeting all the requirements for chemistry production, separate consumer waste collection was established; it is expected to expand the activity to the whole area. Also special conditions for industrial waste collection were provided which allowed to consolidate waste volumes and set up recycling by single enterprises capabilities. Such scheme supposes two recycling process options.
1.Resident enterprise gets raw material and encash it particularly within Technopolis area.
2.Resident enterprise manufactures finished products combining functions of recycling and finished products manufacturing as for instance production of PVC profile by one of the Technopolis residents.
Thus execution of the measures stated above allows to solve environmental problems regarding waste disposal and recycling, as well as to establish technological chains: waste – recycled material – finished products by means of own residents capabilities and major republican chemistry companies.
Al those factors will help to increase plastics converting share within the Republic of Tatarstan and found a base for stable petrochemical cluster in the region.

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