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Speakers of previous years

3M Russia JSC (Russia)
Innovative Solutions from 3М for Specialty Plastics Production. D.B. Varfolomeyev Business Development Director

Alliance Analytics JSC (Russia)
Russian Plastics Products Market. T.N. Khazova Candidate of Economics, Director of Analytical Departement

Atlant Baranovich-based machinery plant JSC (Belorussia)
Plastics Processing with Equipment from JSC Atlant. V.E.Nemera Marketing Director

Biplant Ltd (Russia)
Russian Plastics Processing Equipment Market. Y.P Lozhechko General Director

Buhler AG (Switzerland)
PET-Recycling for Food Packaging Application. D.Polyakov Sales Manager

Costruzioni Meccaniche Luigi Bandera S.p.A. (Italy)
PET Sheet Extrusion Technology for Rigid Thermoformed Packages. G.Colli Area Manager

Chemgrad Trchnopolis OAO UK Idea Capital (Russia)
Establishing a Complete Scheme for Plastics Waste Recycling through the Example of Chemgrad Trchnopolis. Y.O. Stoyanova Deputy Marketing Manager Director

CHEMSON GmbH (Austria)
Evolving of Window Profile Formulations. G.Guggenberger CIS Market Monitor

DBH Osthandelsgesellschaft mbH (Germany)
PVC Stabilization with Ca-Zn Compounds. Relevant Proceeding and Prospects. V.N. Bannikov Deputy Head at the Moscow Subsidiary

ETO Ltd NPF (Ukraine)
Highly Effective Single-Screw Mixing Extruder for Plastic Compositions. Y.P. Barmashin, Director

GEISS AG (Germany)
Molding of Thermoplastic Thin-Walled Technical Parts via Twin Sheet Technology. M.Geiss, Chairman at GEISS AG (Germany)

Greiner Extrusion GmbH (Austria)
The Latest Tooling Technologies for Window Profile Production. T. Balak Sales Manager

Harke Chemicals GmbH (Germany)
Application of Flame Delayers in Plastics. D.E.Avvakumov Coatings Area Manager

IKA GmbH (Germany)
IKA Innovation Products. F.Lichtenberg CTO at

Joensuu Science Park Ltd (Finland)
The Quality and Productivity of the Injection Molding Process – Control of Totalities. Production of High-Quality Injection Molded Products Requires Cooperation and Control of Several Different Technologies. Sдrkkд Tapio Productivity specialist.

KraussMafei Berstorff GmbH (Germany)
Compounding: News and Highlights of KraussMaffei Berstorff Twin-Screw Technology. S.Mohr Process Engineer for Twin-Screw Extruder

Kuraray (EVAL Europe nv) (Belgium)
EVAL™ (EVOH): Barrier Resins in Packaging. I.N.Guseva Plastics and Flexible Packaging Sales Manager at Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy (Finland)

Larta Engineering (Germany)
Dry Cleaning – Washing Without Water. NCT Extruder – New Benchmark in Extrusion. S.Lehner General Sales Manager

Maag Pump Systems Textron GmbH (Germany)
The Possibilities to Reduce the Cost in Recycling Applications. T.Pokladek Sales Area Manager West

Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (Austria)
Recycling of Pproduction Waste Arising from Biopolymers Processing. M.V. Tsirkulev Sales Manager

Penta Silicon Ltd (Russia)
Silane Cross-Linked and Siloxane Thermoplastics. V.G. Persits Deputy CEO
Politsch Kunststofftechnik GmbH (Austria)
Politsch Kunststofftechnik High-Tech and Innovations in Extrusion and Window Production. P.Gregor Sales Director

Polyplastic Group (Russia)
Russian Specialty Plastics Market. M.L.Katsevman R&D Director

Research Studies Institute of engineering and economical researches for chemical industry (Russia)
Russian WTO Accession: Opportunities and Restrictions. V.A.Gavrilenko Candidate of Science

RUIE committee for technical regulations, standardization and conformity assessment (Russia)
The Role of Industry within the Technical Regulation Reform. A.N. Lotsmanov, the First Deputy Head

Simplex (Russia)
Polymer Package Degradation After a Pre-Determined Period of Time: Myth or Reality? N.Barashkova Deputy Director for Marketing

Sorema Division of Previero N. srl (Italy)
Recycling Systems for Film and Bottles Sorted from Mixed Domestic Post Consumer Plastics. A.Villa Sales Engineer

Specplast-M Ltd (Russia)
Heat Dissipating Plastic Composites (Plastics with Multiplied Heat Conductivity). Y.I. Sakunenko, Deputy CEO

Starlinger & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. (Austria)
Recycling of Plastic Films. P.Niedl Head of Sales Recycling Technology

Statico Group (Russia)
Zerma: 70 Years of Success in any Plastics Recycling and Processing. S.V.Tarskikh Chief Commercial Officer

Technocom Ltd (Ukraine)
Special Concentrates for Cost-Effective and Environment Friendly Polymer Products. S.D.Petrenko Director

Theysohn Extrusionstechnik GmbH (Austria)
Window Profile Extrusion. E.Landrok Department Manager

Techosnastka Ltd (Russia)
Argentum Ions Watching Your Health. I.M.Antonov Doctor of Economics, Director General

Wells Plastics Ltd. (Great Britain)
Revert Oxo-Biodegradable Masterbatches for Polyolefin Films. A.Jones Regional Account Manager

Yuman Ltd (Russia)
The Methods of Static Electricity Neutralizing in Polymer Industry. V.S. Adler Development manager

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