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Extrusion peripherals  #9 (91), 2010

Filters and melt pumps, underwater pelletizing systems, infrared dryers and automated extrusion control systems compose a range of industrial plants mainly designed for engineering plastics processing and production, manufactured by Kreyenborg Group members.

Filters and melt pumps
Screen changers and melt pumps are manufactured by Kreyenborg GmbH, offering both standard and custom-made solutions which can be applied in production of virgin and recycled PET pellets as well as PET fibers, films, and strapping tapes. Kreyenborg GmbH screen changers are well established on the market. They are installed at 70% of all European PET recycling lones.
One of the company's innovative developments is represented by K-SWE-4K/75-RS screen changer. Its large filtration area and compact design allow to apply it in highly contaminated material processing and under tough technical requirements.
Additional advantages include simple operation low material loss when backflushing, low pressure variations on screen changing and backflushing. It is ensured with special design consisting of heated steel housing and two pistons each of which controls two screens. Backflush or screen change processes require just a single screen to be dismissed from operation resulting in 75% of the filtration area is available for production.
In a PET strapping- or film line, which only processes recycling material, the filter amortizes after only a few months.
Just like Kreyenborg pumps the latest melt pump series GPE 03 KREYENBORG GmbH feature highly stable operation and high power conmbined with low thermal stress. The main advantages of the new pump include optimized inlet and outlet which allowed to reduce melt volume residing in the device. Those modifications allow to decrease material residence time.

Today BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik GmbH is recognized as one of the leading suppliers of Underwater Pelletizing Systems. One of the BKG latest developments is a bigger type of pelletizer, which for instance also may also be used for EPS micropellet production. The topicality of the development is driven by the fact that thanks to optimal insulation properties, EPS enjoys an increasing demand. At present the world-wide requirement of EPS is 4 million tons, whereof approx. one third is processed in Europe. Approx. 70% of the produced EPS pellets are used in the building industry. Experts guarantee further increase to this market, as the CO2 emission reduction in connection with the heating cost reduction is part of the Agenda 2020, the new economic strategy of the European Union for overcoming the economic crisis. Innovative equipment by BKG GmbH will contribute to execution of the project.

Automation systems
The BSG Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH, provides automation solutions for the extrusion industry. Customers of the already installed systems - over 250 worldwide - benefit from many advantages of the customized solutions. The “ONE” system family provides an outstanding solution for controlling the  different  plant  components  -  from  heating-/cooling  mixers,  feeding-  and conveying systems, extruders and Melt Pumps, to Screen Changers and Pelletizing Systems. BSG “ONEoperate” is recommended to be the general control system for the entire line. “ONEview” gives an overview about the production line including a complete visualization.  “ONEdatagate” is  for  process  data  recording  and  quality monitoring. monitoring. The interface to superior business systems is realized by the “ONEexchange” module which perfectly suits for cyclic processes. Logging of such processes is an integral function of the system. Furthermore “ONEexchange” includes multifunctional reporting system.

Infrared dryers
Kreyenborg Plant Technology GmbH & Co. KG is specialized in the development and manufacturing of infrared drums and components for bulk material handling (silos, mixers and extruder feeding systems). Recently KPT delivered a continuous infrared drum for the drying of PET bottle flakes with a maximum performance of 3.500 kg/h. The main advantages of infrared dryers include:
– reduced drying time from several hours down to several minutes
– improved energy efficiency compared to conventional systems as infrared radiation heats the material from within
– increased flexibility due to lower volume of material to be processed
– excellent mixing properties due to permanent movement of material
– opportunity to process virtually every bulk material type with initial moisture up to 1 percent.
The company's latest product is the discontinuously working infrared drum. Just like the continuous drum, which has already been established on the market, the batch drum realises a quick material treatment by means of the infra-red radiation – and that at a high efficiency degree with low energy consumption. The batch drum is especially suited for producers of masterbatches and special products.
All innovative developments of Kreyenborg Group members will be shown at K 2010 show at Duesseldorf.

Kreyenborg Group is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial equipment (components and systems) for plastics processing. The Kreyenborg Group consists of Kreyenborg GmbH, BKG Bruckmann & Kreyenborg Granuliertechnik GmbH, Kreyenborg Plant Technology GmbH & Co.KG and BSG Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik GmbH. With its products the Kreyenborg Group mainly focuses on the market of engineering plastics. Due to  their  products  and  know-how  the  Kreyenborg  Group  is  very  widely positioned. With its power of innovation Kreyenborg Group will further expand the field of processing and finishing of engineering plastics in future in all segments – from polymerization through direct recycling to compounding.
The Kreyenborg Group employs more than 300 people worldwide, the manufacturing is carried out exclusively in Germany. Kreyenborg runs own sales and services branches with spare parts service in the US and China. Additionally the group is represented by industrial representatives in 35 markets world-wide.

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