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ColorMatrix  #12 (94), 2010

ColorMatrix is a global innovator in advanced colorant, additive and dosing technologies for the plastics industry. The company takes a full service approach to helping its customers maximise their production efficiencies and improve the performance, aesthetics and sustainability of their products. The company was founded in 1972 and today employs over 400 people globally. The company has research, manufacturing and technical support facilities in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia and has recently launched its new web site at

A comprehensive range of liquid colorants and additives for thermoplastics applications will be on display on the ColorMatrix booth at Interplastica 2011. The leading global innovator in liquid colorants and additives will be presenting breakthrough solutions that offer manufacturers a number of key benefits. Highlights include the latest technologies to facilitate sustainable production, cutting-edge light-blocking products plus oxygen scavengers.
Lactra® is ColorMatrix’s innovative opaque white liquid technology for PET dairy applications, which provides high performance light-blocking at low addition rates, while maintaining enhanced container aesthetics. Lactra ensures protection from UV and visible light at wavelengths up to 550nm – a critical benefit for manufacturers looking to extend shelf life in dairy products such as milks, yoghurts and dairy beverages. It improves processing stability, colour distribution and can even help minimise AA (acetaldehyde) levels which can lead to the development of an off-taste.
For oxygen sensitive beverages, Amosorb® SolO2 will be showcased. The latest addition to the Amosorb range, Amosorb® SolO2 consists of an active oxygen scavenger plus barrier properties that protect beverages from O2 ingress, CO2 loss and potential product degradation. This enhanced protection enables manufacturers to lightweight containers and reduce materials costs whilst maintaining product performance. Like Lactra, Amosorb SolO2 is suitable for mono-layer and multi-layer PET containers and can be used with any type of PET resin.
Visitors can also find out more about Excelite®, ColorMatrix’s breakthrough innovation in extrusion technology. Developed for PVC foam sheet extrusion, Excelite liquid foaming (blowing) additive reduces density and enables lightweighting. It creates a much finer, more consistent cell structure within the extruded polymer, and offers the additional benefit of a smoother surface finish in comparison with solid technologies.  This provides a better print finish, greater clarity and increased definition.
Other highlights on stand will include the MiniMetrix liquid dosing system, which provides highly accurate dosing while reducing product wastage and minimising inventory. An innovative online colour-matching system will also be previewed. Experts from ColorMatrix’s Russian office will be available throughout the show to discuss these benefits as well as further advantages that liquid additives can bring to various plastics applications.

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