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Itib Machinery  #12 (94), 2010

Itib Machinery
Hall 1, Stand A14

Specialists in the construction of corrugators and ancillary equipment, Italy-based Itib Machinery offers a range of products that includes systems both for the manufacture of single-wall pipes in PE, PP, PVC, PA, EVA, and other thermoplastic polymers, and double-wall pipes in PE, PVC and PP, with internal diameters from 4.5 to 600 mm (with external diameters up to 700 mm).
Recently the extrusion lines for standard corrugated pipes have been joined by those for applications that allow the reduction of labor costs and/or provide the market with products that are easy to install and use, or that have special physical-mechanical characteristics. These include lines for pre-wired corrugated pipes that have electric wires already inserted inside for use in the building sector, as well as lines for coating PE-X or multilayer PEX-Al-PEX pipes, on the production line, for the plumbing and heating sector. For the building sector there are also lines for manufacturing corrugated pipes for electrical use that have an internal layer with a reduced frictional coefficient. 
The addition of co-extrusion heads to corrugators with special characteristics allows for the production of multilayer pipes for the automotive sector. These pipes must combine characteristics of mechanical resistance with resistance to chemical aggression from fluids or vapours and foresee the use of polyamides, fluorinated materials, thermoplastic rubbers and adhesives.
Whilst corrugator models from F15 to F65 are suitable for small diameters in a wide range of applications, models F250, F315 and F700 are suitable for the underground cable duct sector and for rainwater and sewerage drains, which require the use of double-wall pipes with larger diameters. In these applications solutions such as aluminium dies can be provided to allow for more efficient heat exchange, vacuum moulding and thorough cooling of the dies with water running directly through them. Corrugator F700, in particular, adds a shuttle system to the aforementioned characteristics, this moves the dies, returning them to the extrusion head at a higher speed than that of moulding, thus allowing for a lower number of dies to be used than in a traditional production chain and allowing for a machine that is extremely compact, despite the sizes of the pipes being manufactured.

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