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Windmoeller & Hoelscher sets new records  #12 (94), 2010

At the K-2010 show at Dusseldorf and domestic Expo-2010 show in Lengerich Windmoeller & Hoelscher, the leading German manufacturer of extrusion and packaging equipment, presented its achievements which can be pardonably considered as record ones.

At the K 2010 in Dusseldorf Windmoller & Holscher presented two attractive novelties at once.
First of all it is a new 5-layer Varex blown film line with extremely high outputs of 1000 kg/hr. During the show the equipment with 400 mm Maxicone P die produced a 40 µm tissue film, that up until now has been produced with 3-layers.
In cooperation with ExxonMobil Chemical, one of the world's leading manufacturers of metallocene polyethylene (mPE) and brands such as Exceed™ and Enable™ metallocene polyethylenes, Windmoeller    & Hoelscher managed to create a new generation of 5-layer films using a polyolefin base. Varex allows to acquire improved film properties as well as thinner films compared to conventional 3-layer films on the market. The new films achieve a substantial reduction of raw materials, a priority for W&H in its R&D activites.
After the K 2010, the Varex show line will be modified from 5- to 7-layers and shipped to Danafilms, Inc.
Also Windmoller & Holscher presented a Miraflex AM 8 flexographic press at the K 2010 in Dusseldorf.
This easy-to-operate and robust equipment is designed for printing on polymer films, paper, aluminum foil and composite materials at speeds of up to 370 m/min with printing widths between 1000 mm and 1450 mm
and lengths between 300 mm and 800 mm. Flexible automation capabilities allow to establish flexographic printing process in an even more cost-efficient way.
As many other machine manufacturers Windmoeller  &  Hoelscher experienced great attention from multitudinous visitors of its stand. The company states significant market demand for investments after long economical pause.
In parallel with K-2010 Windmoeller & Hoelscher held at its headquarters in Lengerich Expo-2010 show which was attended by nearly 700 visitors from 71 countries who took an opportunity to get acquainted with flexible packaging solutions from the company.
Packaging market grows and develops dynamically. According to American agency Freedonia Group, the global demand for flexible packaging grows by 3.5 percent annually, from 16m tons in 2008 to 19.5m tons in 2013. In order to meet constantly growing requirements the market needs innovative films production and printing technologies. Such products were presented by Windmoeller & Hoelscher at its in-house show.
Along with two blow molding Varex plants and cast film Filmex line there were live demonstrations of the latest company's developments – extrusion blow molding machines Optimex and Aquarex as well as MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) line for mono orientation of films.
The latter technology not only increases film strength but also improve its transparency and allows for downgauging by this optimizing the consumption of expensive raw materials for barrier materials production. The Ехро-2010 schedule also assumed studying various machines including printing presses, valve bottomer for woven PP sacks as well as other machinery from BSW subsidiary company.
Machine capabilities were demonstrated by manufactured products. For example the company presented a container made of thermoforming coextrusion films with PET/PE structure for food packaging. The product included highly transparent lid of nano-structure film. Both films were produced at Filmex plant from Windmoeller  & Hoelscher.
If containers and labels are made from single material, for example polypropylene, it makes subsequent recycling easier. At the Expo-2010 show high-quality 3-layer label PP film with high stiffness and great adherence to surface was extruded.
When hay rolls which are usually packed in 3-layer PP stretch film are being kept outside there is still a chance of mould formation. The reason is represented by low barrier properties of such film against oxygen. .  Windmoeller & Hoelscher demonstrated at its show production of 7-layer barrier stretch film of 25 µm thickness avoiding mould formation.
The new blow molding Optimex plant produced highly transparent film containing metallocenes for subsequent creating of composites with aluminum foil for tea or coffee packaging. The film for medical infusion solution bags must be highly transparent and crystal clear. At Aquarex plant gloss polypropylene film designated as alternative to previously used PVC film was produced.
Also Ехро-2010  demonstrated production of oriented 3-layer film applied in thermosetting bottle labels – such packaging increasingly attract customers' attention.

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