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Tooling for 2 months – that is real!  #4(98), 2011

OOO Kaluzhskiy zavod press form was established in 2006 and produces plastics injection molds. The company's personnel is assured that they are Russian suppliers who are able to ensure fabrication of high-quality tooling in short period

Initially the company specialized in POS materials (advertising media placed at points of sale) and injection molding operations were a single production stage. However as POS materials are designed for single use the company were constantly experiencing a demand for new molds for new advertising campaigns. For another thing delivery times for advertising equipment are usually shorter than 3 months thus leaving less than 2 months for mold making. This business feature makes necessity for constant development of mold-making site requiring more and more investments. Gradually the enterprise shifted its profile from advertising to mold making.
Today Kaluzhskiy zavod press form houses state-of-the-art machining centers and numerical control lathe, EDM equipment, machine-tool area, complexly equipped mold assembly and polishing area as well as its own injection molding machine fleet. The company manufactures at its own premises tailor mold elements only. For tooling production blocks and standard components from EOC, Hasco and Fodesco are used.
The technological production chain includes prototyping, mathematical simulation of the product, injection molding process simulation, mold designing and simulations for their components, creating NC coded data, treatment of shape-generating parts and CNC machines, resizing holes, smoothing, polishing, assembly and testing. When designing molds and simulating injection molding processes the company utilizes the latest software products with engineering office situated at Moscow which allows many customers to discuss features of their orders with company's technical specialists in person.
For another the enterprise is engaged in production of series parts using both own tooling and customer's molds.
Previous operations at advertising market provided company's staff with clear understanding of meeting delivery times importance: the delivery terms for molds made by Kaluzhskiy zavod press form is 1.5 to 3 (for complex orders) months. Usually the first two weeks are spent for designing with components for molds being purchased and CNC codes being created at the same time. Month later an order was placed the components goes into production house and during the second month the mold is fabricated.
Responsiveness and quality of an order fulfilled by the company are so high that some customers previously cooperating with European and Asian tooling supplies decide to switch to Kaluzhskiy zavod press form and utilize all the advantages of working woth reliable Russian company.
Striving for even more efficient cooperation with its customers OOO Kaluzhskiy zavod press form has set new prospective tasks for 2011:
– to start manufacturing large molds which could be previously ordered abroad only;
– to adjust production management in order to fabricate a single mold within 4 to 6 weeks
– to maintain the price for the molds comparable to high-quality Asian ones.
The company's highly qualified staff is sure to achieve these goals.

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