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Experience and quality – constituents of success  #3 (97) 2011

During Interplastica 2011 Carlos de Oliveira, president and founder of Portugal-based GrupoVangest S.A group and Moliporex S.A. member company spoke of the company's plans at Russian market.

– Mr. de Oliveira what products Moliporex provides to the industry?
– We offer our customers a wide range of products and services including automobile and industrial design, product engineering, including CAE simulation, rapid prototyping, from “micro” components to larger ones, such as an automobile bumper. Furthermore we provide moulds for thermoplastics injection molding, since micro-parts till moulds up to 35 tons and control devices for metallic or plastic components
– What are the company's competitive advantages?
– The main reason for the high competitiveness of our group of companies is, first of all, the good quality and 25 years experience in this business supplying the highest requirement customers, such as tier ones of VW, AUDI, Mercedes, BMW and even in direct for Robert Bosch, Swatch, Black and Decker and others. Of course we have already produced many moulds for AVTOVAZ. A second reason is the fact that we have a complete integrated offer, since the idea until the mould and control quality tools. Regarding the OEMs using our design, engineering and tools we spoke already before, what we would like to mention is the fact that more and more, some OEMs are advising their suppliers to use Moliporex and VANGEST, specially in higher responsibility parts, such as interior trims, gas assisted injection molding and multicomponent parts.
– Did the financial crisis affect on the company's activities?
2008-2010 were for all our market niches very difficult years, as the quantity of orders has reduced quite dramatically. In spite of that, for Vangest group these years operated as effectively as it could and concentrated in new investments: 2 new factories for mould making up to 35 tons moulds and a new factory for rapid prototyping with capacity up to 2500 x 1200 x 800mm parts. Now is the time to consolidate and to make these projects profitable, fact that is happening thanks to the preference of our customers.
– What is an outcome from Interplastica 2011 for your company?
–  Interplastica has been appreciably improving the quality of their service, as well as the return that offers to exporters and visitors. The quality of visitors is also increasing higher, which allows to make great contacts and trade opportunities. At Interplastica 2011 we collected a few interesting contacts which even allowed a car manufacturer to be interested in our services and products.
Our criticism only has to do with the exportation of pieces and equipments to be shown in Interplastica, which is highly bureaucratic, slow and expensive.An approach to the Russian customs officers, in order to ease and simplify this process, would probably improve the quality of the exhibition.
– What are Moliporex's plans at the Russian market?
In Portugal we have a popular expression which says that “Secrecy is the soul of business”, so we would rather not disclose too much information on this subject by now.
However, we can say that we have already received some orders since Interplastica. Actually we are discussing with an automotive constructor and a supplier of electrical and illumination tools, who are interested not only in our moulds, but also on our design and innovation skills. Under these circumstances I can only say that in 2011 we expect to continue growing in the Russian market, which is becoming an overriding market for Moliporex and VANGEST group. For another thing we are going to establish Russian local subsidiary allowing us to increase turnarounds and expand the company's technical and commercial structure.

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