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Masterbatches for strife against infringing merchandise  #8 (102), 2011

The Masterbatch SV company, being the official representative of Ampacet Corporation - the world’s largest manufacturer of masterbatches, presents the molecular indicators – the state-of-the-art materials for production of packaging that ensures products’ safety and confirms their authenticity

“The researches show that about seven percent of all products sold worldwide are counterfeit. As a result the annual loss of revenue only in the U.S. exceeds $200 billions. The development of technologies in production of packaging and printing applications together with their increasing availability on the world markets, raise the risk of appearance of infringing merchandise for brands and their owners”, - noted Rich Novameski, one of the Ampacet employees.

In response to the growing need for control and protection of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, Almacet has developed a set of molecular indicators, being the masterbatches of the AmpaTraceTM series. These products make it possible to create special security labels on packaging materials to be used for consumer goods’ packaging. Security labels on either soft or rigid plastic packaging enable the product tracing at every point of delivery chain - from the moment of its production and up to purchase event by the end user. This measure helps to resolve variety of issues referring to product security, counterfeit protection, responsibility of all delivery chain parties up to retail trade stores.

Until recently these technologies were used in pharmaceutics, in manufacture of medical equipment, currencies, agricultural products and explosives. But at the present time a number of manufacturers of a wide range of consumer and industrial products turned to the usage of molecular indicators to protect their trademarks.

Ampacet adapts its AmpaTraceTM products for the specific needs of packaging manufacturers. Under necessity the technical assistance is provided for unambiguous identification of molecular labels on packaging at the store or company level. AmpaTraceTM-based technologies let manufacturers to produce products with a high security level and at an optimal cost.

AmpaTraceTM technology is based on the use in Ampacet masterbatches of special compounds of different types in different proportions and concentrations - to create individual “imprints” that can be easily identified: visually, via audio means or by standard laboratory analytical equipment. Depending on required security level AmpaTraceTM masterbatches can include components with UV activation, ferromagnetic, infrared and other ones (Fig. 1). The technology can be applied both to rigid or elastic polymer packaging, manufactured by ?blow moulding, injection moulding, extrusion and other processing methods.

Manufacturers can use AmpaTraceTM products individually or as a part of multilevel control system in conjunction with bar codes, digital tags, RFID-tags and other elements. Thus these products allow the customer to reveal infringing products and their particular supplier via packaging, that can provide juridical base in law proceedings. At the same time these products allow to determine the quality of the packaging itself, as soon as by means of specific tests it can be established whether the packaging contains original Ampacet additives and dyes, or not.

The more simple and economical way to counteract infringement is to improve the quality of original product to a level, inaccessible for manufacturers of counterfeit. To meet this goal Ampacet offers the three new products of the highest quality: white dyes of 111413, 112150 grades and processing additive of 103700 grade.

White dyes 111413 and 112150 set the new quality level for white masterbatches (Table 1). Given products are manufactured at the company's modern factory in Belgium (certified by ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001); the specially developed polymers from world’s leading manufacturers are used. Products are characterized by the highest dispersion degree (5), minimal gelation (less than 10 pcs/m2) and snow-white shade, resistant to yellowing.





Density, g/sm3



Content of TiO2, %



Melt flow index (g/10 min; 190°C; 2.16 kg), ASTM D1238



Bulk density, g/dm3, MDE 66







Table 1. Characteristics of the white dyes of 111413 and 112150 grades

The use of these products makes it possible for manufacturers to obtain high-quality products that can be hardly (if not to say impossible) reproduced with the dyes of lower quality. In Europe the 112150 grade is often used for production of pharmaceutical packaging as far as this grade is having a specific hue that is difficult to counterfeit, and high color stability while being long-term exposed at shop-windows. The grade 111413 is used to create high-tech flexible packaging solutions that require very high quality of the final packing.

To obtain high-quality products (especially it concerns multi-layer packaging) in order to stand out against counterfeit products, the use of processing additives is a mandatory condition. In 2011 Ampacet presented a new effective product of 103700 grade where the newest developments regarding materials interaction at a metal/polymer phase boundary, are implemented. The use of this product reduces carbonization, improves the flow characteristics of the polymer melt during processing, does not affect the optical properties of the final product (unlike all other processing additives), improves performance and reduces power consumption of production line. The properties of processing additive of 103700 grade make it possible to get packaging with excellent glossy surface that sharply stands out against background of standard products. Besides, this masterbatch generally requires twice less dosing as compared with standard additive that gives undoubted benefits to processors.

Thus, it can be enunciated that Ampacet makes substantial contribution into development of innovative solutions for production of packaging with enhanced protection against counterfeit.  

Ampacet Corporation is a global leader in production of colored, white and black masterbatches, masterbatches with special effects and features for processing of PE, PP and PS by different methods.
At the moment Ampacet has 20 production sites in 13 countries and is headquartered in Tarrytown, NY country (USA). Corporation staff is more than 1,500 employees worldwide, centers of the development of the new products are located in America, Asia and Europe.
On the markets of Russia and CIS the official and exclusive representative of Ampacet is the Masterbatch SV company.

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