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Surface quality – under the control!  #3(109), 2012

In his interview to Plastics magazine Dr. Rudolf Krampe, Ph.D., manager of plastics business unit of the ISRA VISION company, tells about the surface quality control solutions that the company presented at Interplastica-2012 and describes the benefits the customer will get through the use of ISRA systems

 - Dr. Krampe, can you give a brief reference about your company?
 - ISRA VISION Group, headquartered in Darmstadt (Germany), has over 25 subsidiaries wordlwide, about 500 employees, and annual revenue exceeding 75 million euros. The company firmly retains its leading position as supplier of high-tech surface control systems. Our systems are successfully used by such companies as 3M, Procter & Gamble, Daimler, Nippon Steel, BMW, Hakle-Kimberly, Stora Enso, Hyundai and others.

 - How does the company help its customers to improve competitiveness of their products?
 - To ensure production of articles with a perfect, defect-free surface, ISRA VISION has developed specific solutions for all types of materials: transparent and opaque, reflective, textured, colored or printed. Real-time monitoring is being done – with high accuracy, reliability and at constant quality. More than 6,000 ISRA VISION systems operate in continuous mode at the enterprises of customers wordwide.

A thorough understanding of production processes combined with more than 25 years of experience in technologies of robot vision and specifically surface vision, allow the company to offer solutions that significantly enhance the quality of products along complete production chain. Through the use of ISRA VISION surface control systems the customers get essential saving of resources, waste minimization, increase of quality, process optimization, higher throughput – and all that at reduced production costs.

 - What are the solutions of ISRA VISION that lead to optimization of films’ production?
 - The high-speed ISRA’s surface control systems detect all typical defects of film or foil surfaces even at highest line speeds – up to 2000 mm/min, and for all types of materials, such as PEP, BOPP, cast film, etc. – just to name some. The defects are reliably detected, classified and documented. Several tools help to optimize the process: statistical analysis – to examine where and why a defect occurred; quality protocols for each roll with defect location and image for qualified delivery. The latest tool - the Rewind Manager - can be used to automate the removal of waste in the finishing department. The Rewind Manager interfaces with a synchronized database to allow the user to select the defects that need to be removed. It helps to sort out defective material and to ensure that no defective rolls will reach the customer.

- What is your interest in Russian market, and how the company’s activity is organized in this region?
 - The industrial market in Russia has a large potential and in the past few years shows a steady growth. We’re convinced that the quality standards in the region, particularly in production of film and made of it products, will become much tougher in the near future and approach the global challenges – clear, that with the help of ISRA VISION quality control systems ‘twill be much easier to meet them.

In order to expand trade and service support of our customers in Russia, the company decided to open a regional office in Moscow. New division will favour customized solutions, tailored to customers’ specifications and aimed to increase production quality.

Interview by Oxana Yarun

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