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Tosaf know-how for film segment  #5(111), 2012

Tosaf - an industrial group of companies specializing in production of additives, pelletized compounds and color masterbatches for modifying and dyeing of thermoplastic polymers - is presenting its new products for films production

Dr. Gennadiy Dor,
Expert of Tosaf R&D department (Israel)

Tosaf additives are designed to protect films, fibers, pipes, sheets, molded and extruded parts and other products from UV radiation and to provide them with anti-friction, antistatic, non-flammable and other properties. A number of additives produced are designed to facilitate processing of polymer materials. For 20 years Tosaf produces fire retardants, nucleating and antifogging agents, antioxidants, oxo-biodegradable additives, a complete set of masterbatches and compounds for production of BOPP films in accordance with special requirements of customers.

The Research Center of Tosaf is engaged in development of new products of special purposes, more efficient and technologically advanced. Laboratories of the Center are equipped with the cutting-edge equipment, and the staff is composed of high-skilled professionals.

Among variety of additives for film compositions, antifog from Tosaf (say, of AF4953LL and AF5979PE grades) can be considered as the best product in its class on the world market today, and without exaggeration. The product range of this group is represented by a wide range of grades for different packaging and greenhouse films. Constituents of antifog are the surface-active materials which give the surface hydrophilic properties and prevent formation of water droplets when it is condensing on film surface. All these improve light transmission, reduce the risk of plants’ infection with certain diseases, prevent burning of leaves, improve the marketable state of packaged products. The specificities of Tosaf antifog for packaging are the high efficiency and low interaction with other additives (especially solvents and adhesives used in lamination). Additive has permission to be used in food contact packaging in Russia, Europe, USA and other countries.

The bulk of presented on the market antistatics are related to migratory ones. The effectiveness of migratory antistatic depends on air humidity (at least 30 percent), the degree of polymer crystallinity (HDPE requires more antistatic than LDPE), polarity of the polymer matrix (the higher the polarity, the slower the migration). Effectiveness of migratory antistatics may reduce in the presence of other additives. Tosaf specialists have developed a migratory antistatic of ST3072PE grade that effectively works with relative air humidity up to 12 percent. This antistatic agent begins to act very quickly and retains the functional properties within one and a half years. It does not contain ethoxylated amines, is not subjected to corrosion and is particularly recommended for manufacture of packaging for electronics. This product is also effective for production of articles that are operated in a hot desert climate.

The company put special emphasis on the development and improvement of permanent (non-migratory) antistatic agents using nanotechnology. Antistatics of this group form a conductive grid in polymer structure (carbon fibers and nanotubes, special conductive carbon-blacks). Such products do not depend on humidity, working effectively for many years, but still have some disadvantages: a large percentage of the input and a high cost, and in the end - a narrow application.

Among the company’s slip antiblocks the “hot” slip of SB5851PE grade should be noted. It doesn’t reduce its efficiency even at high temperatures of film processing, which result from friction on the high-speed lines. This product is especially effective for production of transparent films of LLDPE and LDPE.

Among the other novelties - non-migratory slip antiblock of SB6484PE grade (designed specially for production of films for lamination) and non-migratory slip of AB1012CP grade for manufacturing of BOPP films for metallization. New antistatic (ST1441HP) and combined additives of slip and antistatic of SS0106HP and SS0506HP grades showed the highest stability of properties and are successfully used in a number of large-scale industries of BOPP films.

A recent know-how of Tosaf became the new antifog for manufacture of BOPP films. It successfully passed all technological tests on one of the leading enterprises in this segment of industry.

Experts of Tosaf believe that the use of nanotechnologies for development of new products is very promising. Just on this way application of UV additive was found, containing synergetic mixtures of conventional surface hindered light stabilizers and special nano-sized mineral additives. In the nearest future the appearance of a large number of products based on nanoparticles, is expected.

Tosaf invites all interested experts at the IV All-Russian conference “New developments of the Israeli company Tosaf. Unveiling the secrets” to be held on June 20 in Moscow, within the scope of RosUpack exhibition. Keynote speakers at the event will be the technologists of the Russian and Israeli leading manufactures of packaging materials.

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