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“Russia - a market with great potential”  #3(121), 2013

The company Albrecht Baeumer GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1946 in Freudenberg (Germany) and since that time has evolved from a small workshop into a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment for cutting, transportation and storage of the foams and their analogues. About the company and its participation in Interplastica-2013 the Plastics magazine is told by the company’s CEO Stephan Halstrick and deputy sales director Sascha Otten

 - What is your company for today?
 - For almost 70 years we have been a leading manufacturer of equipment for working with foams. These are machines for cutting, handling and transportation of polyurethane foam and similar materials. Besides supplying standard solutions, we are also working on individual and special orders, delivering complete systems for storage and transportation, capable to meet any requirements. Development, design and production – you’re getting everything from one origin.

Baeumer is a private company, which is currently headed by Mr. Helmut Kritzler, representative of the third generation of the company’s owners. Actual CEO Mr. Halstrick has been working in the company since 2011. The staff of Albrecht Baeumer is about 300 employees, and the trade and service subdivisions of the company are located in the U.S., Japan and China. Besides, the company has a joint production of knives in South Africa.

We also provide professional online service, equipment commissioning, preventative maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts and cutting tools, equipment refurbishment, staff training, optimization of manufacturing processes.

 - Which of your products attract interest of Russian partners?
 - Nowadays the most demanded equipment is the machinery for production of mattresses and furniture, such as CNC machines for contour cutting, as well as transportation and handling systems.

 - What are your expectations of the Russian market?
 - In 2012 we have started cooperation with our Russian agent, being a Moscow company Splat Ltd. This allows us to meet the needs of regional customers more effectively. Our deputy sales director, Sascha Otten, is personally involved in the Russian market and actively works in its scope. He comes to Russia several times a year and visits exhibitions of the company’s interest.

We consider Russia as a growing market with great potential. Manufacturers engaged in the foam processing sector aim to produce high-quality products at low level of costs. We try to supply our Russian customers with new ideas and inspire them to new achievements.

 - With which new products has your company approached Interplastica-2013?
 - We have developed several innovative solutions, particularly in the automation sphere: material handling systems, additional functionality and software. We believe that automated solutions – are the future of the foam processing sector.

A special presentation, in our opinion, deserve two systems: ROK – rolls compression system, which allows quickly and efficiently compress the rolls and simultaneously perform their packaging, and Nora – a vacuum system for cutting into sheets the complex materials. It is worth noting to mention also a new system of waste utilization for cutting blocks’ machines BZM-A and BZM-I, which embodies an important step towards automation, increased capacity and operating convenience.

Besides, in 2012 we have seriously revamped our corporate identity to a more modern and open design.

 - With what plans you have come to exhibition, which of them can be treated as met?
 - We believe that the show for us was very successful, as we managed to meet many interesting people, have arranged actual orders.

Interview by Alexey Djakov

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