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“Optimal solutions, complete support”  #3(121), 2013

At the Interplastica-2013 the company Yuman in cooperation with the first-rate equipment manufacturers Eltex-Elektrostatik GmbH, Vetaphone A/S и Sung An Machinery Co., Ltd (SAM) have presented promising solutions for the markets of paper and packaging. The new trends and technologies in this sphere – are the matter of an interview, given to Plastics magazine by Yuri Lukin, GM of Yuman Ltd.

 - Mr. Lukin, how can you explain such severe increase in the number of companies–manufacturers, that participated this year in Interplastica-2013?
 - Recent events on the markets of paper and packaging have shown the companies’ earnings to expand production on the new, growing markets. It is caused by an increase of gross domestic product in developing countries and, as a consequence, the increasing demand for high-quality paper and packaging products. These trends force paper and packaging manufactures to implement the latest technologies – just to improve the quality of finished products.

Yuman for over 9 years delivers to Russian market only the up-to-date equipment that allows to achieve maximum performance while working with combined materials. Each year employees of the company are taking part in Interplastica, presenting to visitors the latest novelties on the markets of equipment and consumables for polymer and processing industries.

 - What about technical innovations, presented by your partners?
 - The Danish company Vetaphone, a leading manufacturer of equipment for treatment of surfaces made of various materials, presented Corona-Plus stations for surface treatment via corona discharge. They are intended for increase of surface energy of polymer films, foils and paper, which in turn leads to amplification of wettability and adhesion to printing inks, coatings and glues. As a result the processed material demonstrates much better printing and adhesive properties, as well as enhanced lamination strength.

One more discovery for visitors of exhibition became BASIX - a new line of antistatic equipment from Eltex. The matter is that the occurrence of static electricity while handling material can lead to problems in its subsequent treatment, contamination of web and equipment breakage. Up-to-date achievements in removal of static allow to get rid of such effects completely.

Many visitors were interested in technology of extrusion coating and laminating, presented by SAM – a world leader in production of modern equipment for flexible packaging and applying of special coatings.

SAM develops and manufactures a wide range of machines and accessories for the printing and processing industries, used for processing paper, film and foil. The range of equipment comprises lines for extrusive, dry, solvent and nonsolvent lamination, sets for applying coatings and machines for gravure printing. The use of such machinery makes possible to ensure high performance and quick payback, which leads to reduction of expenses.

 - Are there some more news from the companies that you work with?
 - Say, SAM has gladdened visitors with the news about opening of its European subsidiary - SAM Europe Srl, in Casale Monferrato (Italy). This will definitely improve the quality of service maintenance on the local markets, extend relationships with business partners and will strengthen SAM representation in Europe.

 - What would you recommend those, who could not get acquainted with all the novelties presented at the exhibition?
 - Russian manufacturers of paper and packaging will be able to find all types of equipment that was exhibited at Interplastica-2013, in the catalogue of Yuman. Our experts will help them to choose the optimal solution to improve production efficiency, and will provide complete technical support on equipment operation.

Interviewed by Alexey Djakov

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