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Presentation of the new Demag Plastservice office  #10 (56), 2007

Excursion around the new company area, “Day of Packaging in Russia”, new injection molding machine demonstration, a report of Demag Plastics Group president about the company strategy, discussing professional aspects with Demag specialists – this was a diverse program suggested to everyone who came to the new JSC Mannesmann Demag Plastservice office presentation, on September, 4.

Dr. Klaus Erkes, president of Demag Plastics Group (DPG) and Sergey Sorokin, director general of JSC Mannesmann Demag Plastservice.On September, 4 Mannesmann Demag Plastservice celebrated its moving to a new place by presentation of the new office. This was also the occasion for Demag Plastics Group (DPG) to organize “Day of Packaging in Russia” and to demonstrate Systec, a new generation injection molding machine. Over 80 specialists from various Russian and CIS plastic processing companies came to join the “housewarming”.
New office is located at the territory of Gasdevice plant, one of Demag’s most important clients. Spare parts warehouse and a show room, a model Gasdevice production containing 24 molding machines. The event participants could see two machines in action: EL-Exis-S 150/500-610, making disposable cups, and a new generation Systec 160-600 with a state-of-the-art NC5 control panel, making fuel rails for Chevrolet Lanos. Also, Demag guests had an opportunity to learn about the latest changes in the company’s life and its plans for future. Dr. Klaus Erkes, Demag president, made a report stating the four spheres of industry that the company is going to concentrate on: packaging, medicine, electronics and electric engineering, and also automobile production.
However, machines model range will be cut from 20 to 12. Demag will focus on three platforms: fully hydraulic Systec, fully electric IntElect and high-speed hybrid EL-Exis-S molding machines. Beginning with autumn, 2007, Systec is available in 13 standard sizes. Due to several configuration levels and various functional sets available, these machines can satisfy any demands of plastic processors. Demag has expanded Systec 500-1200 kN machines model range with five models with clamping forces 250, 350, 2800, 3500 and 4200 kN. Seven machines with 1200 kN clamping force have fully hydraulic clamping units and machines with clamping force from 1300 kN are equipped with fivepoint double toggle mechanism. In 2008 20000 kN machines model range is expected to be broadened.
IntElect series is also expected to be developed and further on expanded to include machines of six sizes with clamping force from 500 to 1200 kN by the end of 2007. Then, model range is supposed to be expanded to 4200 kN machines and be supplemented by broad platen machines. Further innovations in 2008 will deal with injection unit construction in high-speed machines, injection speed up to 500 mm/sec. Just as other models, EL-Exis-S series will be equipped with new NC5 control system. Changing tie for linear uprights aims to adopt the machines for complex packaging and medical articles production tasks. Dr. Erkes characterized Demag production by the following phrase: “With our new advanced machines model range we have state-of-the-art equipment range in our sphere”. In this connection Dr. Erkes stated DPG’s main aim – to be a leader in making modular toggle injection molding machines. The company’s president also said that Demag will offer no multicomponent molding machines in future, but will equip all the three above mentioned types with a second injection unit.
Another part of strategy is creating special teams focusing on separate machines applications. Thus, already created Packaging Team headed by Willem Weerman works over specific packaging solutions and offers professional consultations in this field to its clients. In the nearest future teams concentrating on other applications are going to be created as well.
In his report Dr. Erkes noticed that Demag pays much attention to collaborating with periphery equipment producers, servicing and maintenance providing companies and also to boosting and developing its positions all over the world. Head of the company highlighted that today Demag is represented by offices all over the world, has an extensive network of local offices and 4 production sites. Two productions are situated in Germany: large hydraulic machines production in Schweig and small hydraulic and fully electric machines production in Vie. Plus to it, Demag has a production in India and a newly opened plant in Ningbo, China.
Dr. Erkes also mentioned reorganization at Demag production site in USA, formerly making large two-platen Titan machines. Measures taken by Demag for its existing production stimulation let the company make a step like this. The reason lies in sales rate for US market falling from 7500 to 3400 machines for the last five years; moreover, almost half of the market sales is made of by fully electric machines. Therefore, making hydraulic in USA became unprofitable. Future plans presume creating sales and service center at the former production site in Cleveland, Ohio, and Titan machines production will be transferred to Asia.
DPG president also found it necessary to say a few words about separating from Mannesmann Plastics Machinery GmbH group, thus scuttling the rumors about hardships the company undergoes:
- Selling big companies is a common practice today. In plastic processing industry it long time become a tendency. It’s not a thing to be afraid of. The main thing is that now we have a clear strategy, firm production basis and stable position in the world market.
These are Dr. Erkes’s comments about the situation.
After the report DPG president together with the company’s specialists answered guests’ questions. The day was finished by a house-supper giving everyone freedom for informal communication. This came to be a nice ending for the big event arranged by Demag.

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