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"Plastics" magazine organizes "RePlast" conference designated to plastics recycling from 2003 – it was held for the first time during "UpakItalia" trade show. Starting from 2004 the event is held as a part of "Interplastica" trade show.
During these years "RePlast" conference allows every concerned party – plastic waste (consumer and industrial) recyclers, recycling equipment manufacturers, regranulate supplies and manufacturers, legislators, authorities and scientific institutions representatives, ecologists – to discuss problems related to plastics recycling and to share their experience.
In 2010 the event expands its limits. The event under the new name "RePlast+SpecPlast-2010" co-organized by Messe Dusseldorf Moscow Ltd will be dedicated to specialty plastics manufacturing and processing including both virgin and recycled materials.
The "RePlast+SpecPlast-2010" conference goal is to unite plastics processors, producers and suppliers of polymers, core and peripheral equipment in order to share experience and actual information concerning specialty plastics manufacturing and processing.
The main questions to discuss:
– specialty plastics manufacturing technology innovations: new technologies, equipment and raw materials
– recycling as a method to produce specialty plastics
– equipment for specialty plastics processing by means of injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming and others
– peripheral equipment for specialty plastics processing
– specialty plastics applications
– future of specialty plastics


IKA innovative products  
PVC stabilization with calcium-zinc compounds. Actual situation and prospects
Plastics processing with equipment from JSC Atlant
Molding of thermoplastic thin-walled technical products with twin sheet technology
Highly effective single screw extruder-mixer for polymer composites production
Silanol-crosslinked and siloxane containing thermoplastics
High performance innovations from Politsch Kunststofftechnik for progiles extrusion and window systems production
Towards an understanding of the role of industry in technical regulation reform
Heat dissipating polymer composites
Window prodile extrusion
Complex organization of polymer waste recycling by the example of Chemgrad Technopolis
Evolution of PVC formulations for window profile production

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