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SABIC: know-how for the pipes  #12 (58), 2007

SabicPipe trademarks polymers produced by Sabic are highly appreciated among the pipe producers all over the world thanks to the processing convenience and exclusive characteristics

Experience, reliability, development
With over 40 years of experience in the polymers business, SABIC is one of the leading pipe grades suppliers in Europe, both in HDPE and various PP grades. The main pipe grade production is located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, two other world class production sites are in Geleen (The Netherlands) and Teesside (UK). High quality products, a network of sales offices throughout Europe, combining top-notch customer service with the logistical expertise – these are the factors which allow the company to provide the fundamental building blocks for successful business on local markets. Sabic accepts a customer-focused approach, working closely together with the customers and building the common business.
In order to meet the demands of the fast-growing Russian and East-European bimodal pipe markets, the company is expanding their global production capacity of bi-modal HDPE for pressure pipes (PE 80 / PE 100).
SABIC’s new bimodal HDPE plant with annual capacity of 250 thousand tons is to come into operation in Gelsenkirchen in 2008. The plant will produce HDPE pipe material for drinking water, gas, sewers and drainage systems.
In Saudi Arabia, SABIC is going to put into operation two subsidiaries - Yansab and Saudi Kayan in 2008 and 2009 respectively, with total combined bimodal HDPE capacity of 800 thousand tons. Therefore by 2012 SABIC will be a leading player in the global pipe market, with a total sales capacity of more than 1000 thousand tons of bimodal HDPE.
Increasing its manufacturing capacity will help SABIC to create flexible and responsive manufacturing base that can offer reliable supply to expanding markets including the growing market of Eastern Europe.

The most popular trademarks
More than 25 years the company has been working out and improving the random copolymer polypropylene SABIC PP marks which are mainly used for sanitary pipe applications. Excellent reputation was won by the random copolymer polypropylene SABIC® Vestolen A which is also used for pipe systems and is distinguished by its crack resistance, good organoleptic properties, and easy handling during the installation. Extensive testing confirms that pipes made from SABIC® Vestolen A can serve for about 100 years.
Another exclusively reliable material is SABIC® Vestolen P 9421 used in sanitary piping. Pressure pipes made of it have been used in daily life for over 30 years, longer than any other PPR pipe grade, and have been tested for hydrostatic pressure resistance since 1980. SABIC® Vestolen P 9421 is available in a variety of colours and contains specially selected stabilization package proven to be fully effective against thermo-oxidative degradation. Pipes produced from SABIC® Vestolen P 9421 are environmentally safe and meet the requirements of the commonly used ISO EN 15874 and ISO 3213 standards. SABIC® Vestolen P 9421 is easy to handle and process on standard machines and easy to put into production.
SABIC® PP 71EK71PS is also very popular among pipe and polypropylene producers. Since its introduction in 2000, this impact resistant copolymer has been highly appreciated by leading processors and, due to its outstanding performance, has been named “the best in class” in terms of processibility. SABIC® PP 71EK71PS is extremely suitable for solid pipe extrusion as well as for corrugated pipes and meets the requirements of the prEN 13476-1 standard. It is used for underground drainage and sewage, soil and waste water systems.
The specialists of SABIC company are sure that these and other trademarks will be highly estimated by Russian polymer pipe producers.
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