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Omipa as a synonym for stability  #1-2 (71-72), 2009

Fabio Cazzani managing director at Omipa manufacturing complete extrusion lines speaks to existing and potential partners.
Dear Omipa partners and Plastiks readers

Today we are in the difficult situation: it cannot be denied that global economical crisis "gathers pace" more and more significantly affecting various business and manufacturing fields. Of course it results in the feeling of insecurity and therefore lack of confidence about the future. That is why today as never before we appreciate reliability expressed in words and actions – business partners who can ensure continuous and confidential relationships.
Omipa is precisely this partner.  What is the secret of Omipa's stability? It consists of several factors. Firstly, Omipa is a private company having an experience in survival in difficult market conditions and reacting in timely manner to every change. Secondly, assets gained for 40 years allow us to organize individual financial programs. Thirdly, our principle – long-term relations with every customer: having bought our equipment once he will certainly make new purchases.
Quality of extrusion equipment from Omipa is timeless – more than 95 percents of the equipment installed for 40 years is operated successfully. High reliability is accounted for accurate manufacturing of every machine unit and conformity to strict quality standards. 90 percents of lines parts are produced in-house including such important parts as reducing gear, melt pump, screw, forming tools, so Omipa bears personal responsibility for their effective operation.
It has always been Omipa’s philosophy to be open to meet customer’s requirements, by accepting their most bold challenges, that become also the company’s challenges, always ready to invest resources and energies in the achievement of clients’ objectives and in the development of new products.
For this reason, every single line designed and manufactured by OMIPA incorporates innovations that are the result of the company’s efforts to comply with client’s specifications and satisfy the more and more stringent tolerances imposed by the market for specific product applications.
It was Omipa which started to produce honeycomb PC sheets and nowadays the company continues innovative operations being a “trendsetter” for molding extrusion. For example Omipa is one of few companies producing equipment capable to manufacture more than 7-layered sheets. Continuous implementing of various technological know-how (for example "floating plates" for honeycomb sheets production) allows to improve productivity and quality of certain products.
Omipa's service is exceptional and includes
individual approach to every customer
remote access to line control system
immediate response to every technical problem
professional agent in Russia, competent in features of Russian market.
Russian sheets manufactures have appraised benefits of Omipa products long ago. Most of honeycomb PC and significant volume of PMMA sheets in Russia are manufactured with our equipment. Omipa extrusion lines are installed at Polyalt, Carboglas, Polygal-Vostok, Safplast, Destek plants. At Safplast production Omipa specialists not only supplied necessary equipment but provided engineering support for whole project. We hope that the list of our partners will be expanded and Russian market will obtain really quality equipment for competitive production manufacturing.
It is clear that it is impossible to "cancel" the crisis. But we can offer partnership based on confidence, mutual benefit, and guaranteed fulfillment of obligations. Only in that way we can survive in difficult situation and keep moving forward.
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Omipa was founded in 1963 by Gilberto Cazzani. Its production facilities are located in Morazzone (Vareze), 30 minutes from Milan Malpensa Airport. Today it has staff of approximately 150 employees.
The main feature of the company structure is in-plant complete production cycle for complex equipment – from concept to its final implementation. That is ensured by extensive staff experience and availability of all required resources – from development laboratory to the most sophisticated metalworking machines.
Quality management system is set up in compliance with ISO 9001 international standard giving customers complete confidence in high production quality.
For over 40 years the company has produced more than 500 extrusion lines and great amount of various spare parts and auxiliary equipment. Today Omipa is a major producer of complete extrusion lines and tailored high performance equipment for sheet plastics manufacturing. The company is capable to produce over 25 full-sized extrusion lines annually.
The majority of global leaders in high performance sheets manufacturing operate Omipa equipment. Those include Bayer Sheet Europe, Sabic Innovative Plastic (before 2007 — GE Plastics), Polygal, Quinn, Brett Martin and many others.
Nowadays Omipa is a leader in Russian and CIS market. Between 2004 and 2007 it has supplied 10 lines for optical sheets (PC and PMMA) manufacturing.

Omipa product portfolio:
Complete extrusion lines:
– for manufacturing of honeycomb profile sheets in PC, PMMA, PP, PE and other thermoplastic materials with width up to 3 meters and thickness from 2 to 40 mm, including lines for manufacturing custom sheets according to customer's design.
for manufacturing solid technological sheets and universal films
for manufacturing transparent sheets and films with high optical parameters

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