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Fast and Clear Mold production  #1-2 (71-72), 2009

TMT specialists' experience of Mold production For 5 Gallon Pressure Cap shows the ways to optimize development process and improve efficiency of communication with customer

TMT received a 3D part model from a worldwide customer in packaging industry for a 5-gallon pressure cap.     
The customer clearly gave a most important requirement: cycle time has to be less than 16”. The cycle time of their current mold made by other mold maker is 20-22”.
Obviously, the mold has to include a very efficient heat conductivity. The customer also stated that they will use an injection machine of Arburg 300T, so we have to make the mold within the limited space. The customer wanted to use material mix of LDPE and HDPE.
Our system then assigned a PM for this project. He called a meeting with one Plant Manager who is proficient in this kind of unscrewing cap mold. After the meeting, the PM offered a competitive quote which met customer’s requirements except the steel brand.
According to the present prices of international leading steel suppliers, we proposed to have a most cost-effective steel mix which meets customer’s all requirements: 
-Cavity: Uddeholm SS420 (Sweden)
-Core: Thyssen 1.2344 (Germany) + ASSAB MoldMax (Be-Cu)
 -Slide: Daido TDAC (Japan)
 -Gib/Wear Plate: DME Bronze Plated
To ensure smooth part auto drop-off, we adopt 4 pcs of high-quality gas spring made in Spain (Azol-Gas) plus air blow mechanism, in addition to two sets of ejector plates hidden inside of core side.
The customer was happy and placed the order with us.
As the part model had not been finalized at the time of placing the order, which would absolutely delay the mold design and manufacturing, we suggested that the customer approves our preliminary mold design first so that we could order the steels in time and get the machining work done following the time table: first trial in 8 weeks after mold design approval; we could complete the final mold design details in a few days. Customer agreed pleasantly as that would save some time. All things got settled down in due course.
Due to the tight schedule, we closely contacted the Sales Manager of hot runner supplier Synventive to ensure we can receive the system a few days earlier than normal. Thanks to Synventive’s full support, we completed the mold in 7 weeks.
After we completed the mold manufacturing, we conducted first mold trial to ensure the good quality of the molded parts and the smooth functioning of the safety ring after twisting off the cap on the 5 gallon water bucket. As customer’s material is expensive, we used local similar material for purging and initial short shot for testing of mold balance and melt flow performance.

TMT specialists weighed the parts and compared the short shots step by step until we make sure the molding condition is ok. After 20 cycles of full shots smoothly, the plastic material was changed to customer’s material, and then we took a video for 6 complete cycle times.
In addition TMT experst have run two extra trials to find out the optimized material mix of LDPE and HDPE for best part performance.
Then per customer’s requirement the molded parts were packaged and sent to customer via express mail.
The package also included the molding parameters used, the inspection report following 2D drawings, and our forward action plan / suggestion.
The customer advised a few minor areas for perfection, and we immediately completed them. We then conducted a final trial and sent customer 20 shots of parts and trial video for review. Customer was happy and asked for mold delivery.
Along with tooling the package included:
-A disc with 2D mold drawings and 3D mold files.
-2D drawings by print.
-Certificates of Steel, Certificates of Heat Treatment.
-Final molding parameters.
-Customer’s Mold Delivery Check List.
-Fine electrodes (per customer’s request).
The customer became one of our “repeat customers” and places new orders.
“What makes me sleep well?” The Tooling Manager said, “Reliability of Taiwan Mold Tool”.

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