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Plastic Metal – molding machinery haute couture  #6 (52), 2007

Plastic Metal S.p.a.Plastic Metal S.p.a., an injection molding machine producer from Italy, offers high quality equipment for manifold purposes

Experience guarantees quality
Plastic Metal – molding machinery haute couturePlastic Metal S.p.a. was founded in 1954 ranks among the world’s leading injection molding machines producers. Today it’s a family company, owned by Antonio Virginio, who started his career of designer and constructor at one of the Italian plastic processing enterprises 35 years ago.
Today Plastic Metal S.p.a is managed by Antonio Virginio and his children – Marcia and Massimo Virginio.
Presently Plastic Metal sets fashion standards in Italian molding machines production. It’s a large competitive company with 15 thousand sq. meters production area, employing about 100 people. Working to satisfy customers’ needs, the company offers tailor-made modular solutions, technological and technical know-how.
Due to a trade net and well-developed servicing structure belonging to the company, machines by Plastic Metal can be found almost in all regions of Italy, in Europe, USA, Latin America and Middle East countries.

Injection molding machines to any taste
Plastic Metal makes toggle injection molding machines with 35-3200 tons clamping force. Massimo Virginio, business manager of Plastic Metal, explains:
- To be competitive today it’s very important to provide a customer with machines lineup and let him choose that very model answering the needs of a particular manufacture.
If you need a mold with working cycle as long as 3 seconds, we can offer you Dynamika lineup. Constructed specially for high-speed molding, these molding machines suit perfectly for making thin-wall products and packaging.
If you want to reduce energy consumption, you need Elettryka lineup. If you want to work with a mold on a medium speed , at the same time save energy costs and control working process to the maximal extent, we offer you Unyka machines. In 2007 Plastic Metal is going to introduce a new machine in this lineup – two-platen machine with high clamping force rates (900, 1300 and 1600 tons).
At K Show in Duesseldorf we plan to demonstrate two new electric machines with new drives and high-speed Dynamika machine, showing an innovative solution for mold rotation for two-component molding.

Dmitry Tverdokhlebov, official representative of Plastic Metal S.p.a. and Massimo Virginio, business manager of Plastic Metal S.p.a.Only advantages
Russian manufacturers have tried Plastic Metal machines in 2000, and in 2005 the company opened a representative office in Moscow. Dmitry Tverdokhlebov, official representative of Plastic Metal in Russia, says:
We look after the development of the Russian market very attentively to be ready to meet Russian customers requirements. Our main aim is to be sought after in Russia and demonstrate high quality of Italian equipment in practice.
It’s not hard to check the quality of machine’s components: it’s enough to read the labels at the drive, pump, valves and electric components. We try to achieve a level of quality, that could make our customers see only advantages and never drawbacks comparing our machines to competitive ones.

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